The first block included in Kadence Blocks Premium is the Image Overlay block. The image overlay block adds a highly customizable image menu option to the new editor.


To get started setting up the image overlay on your stie, follow the below tutorial:

  1. Select the Image Overlay Block from the blocks list:
    Select Image Overlay Block
  2. Select your background image:Select Block Background Image
  3. Set the link and hover effect for your overlay block:Start Editing Overlay Block
  4. Set your image overlay titles:Overlay Title and Subtitle
  5. Adjust your hover overlay settings:Image Overlay Hover Settings
  6. Adjust your border settings:Image Overlay Border Settings
  7. Set the alignment of your titles:Title Text Alignment Settings
  8. Customize your title font:Title Font Settings

    Linked Controls

    Linked controls sets the padding for each side of the block to be equal.

    Linked Padding Controls

    Individual Controls

    Individual controls allow you to set padding for each side of the block separately.

    Individual Padding Controls

  9. Configure A divider between your title and subtitle:Start Editing Overlay Block